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About the Computer Resources Section

This section includes information relevant to maximizing the effectiveness of your computer environment. The following provides a snapshot of the types of services the Computer Resources section provides.

  • Info Central is the place to go for help with growing, maintaining and supporting your personal or office computer environment. Info Central is updated frequently with tips to help you be more productive, How-to instructions on computer basics, and updates about trouble-shooting issues.

  • Doctor Clicknpray is a computer professional with over 15 years helping individuals and businesses make the most of their computer environment. There's a new question added each week, and past questions are archived for three months. We encourage you to ask a question and watch the site to see if your question is answered.

  • Other Resources includes links to computer sites on the Web. It covers hardware manufacturers, software developers, computer review sites, support sites, magazine and media resources, knowledge-base links and popular purchase/download sites. The clear organization makes it easy to find what you want quickly and efficiently.

  • Humor, because laughter is the best medicine. We've all seen the emails, the funny cartoons and heard the jokes. But when you need a laugh on demand, stop by here for a few of our favorites. Includes general computer humor and Year 2000 Humor.

Please contact us if there is information that you would like to see included in the Computer Resources section.

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