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Who We Are

Computers in Plain English, Inc. ("CPE") has been in existence for over fifteen years, primarily servicing small business and professional offices, generally with fewer than 50 computers. We feel that this size office is at a particular disadvantage in the tumult of the developing computer world. They are too small to need or be able to afford a full time computer person. They are too large for the office smart-guy to be able to keep up with everything and still do their income producing work.

Computer systems, usually networked for business, are complex constructs of software and hardware, designed and built in a rapidly changing world of technology. Because of the rapid pace of change and the lack of centralized direction and agreed upon standards, computers do not work as smoothly and efficiently as we would like them to. They do not, for example, work with as little knowledge from us as automobiles do. The more programs installed, the more computers, printers, scanners connected the wider and stickier the constructed web becomes.

We of course can not do everything for everyone either, even spending 8 to 12 hours a day reading about, working on and talking about computers, we only know a part of what there is to know. What we do undertake to do is to give our clients the knowledge and skills to manage their own computers as much as possible. We will take the lead in planning, installing and troubleshooting, but we depend on each office to know its own systems, be able to describe and keep track of problems and to do basic troubleshooting and work-arounds

All decisions are ultimately business decisions, not technical ones. The business owner must make the final choice of what to do, how much time and money any business/information system is worth. A great deal of our task is to help keep you focused on that.

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