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Every life is a work of fiction, some written badly, some barely written at all. Some written by their own hand, some written by others. Some write with great thought, and painfully, others with every whisper seem to scatter the cells of life before and through us. Others, through nobly resonating trickery betray us, and generation before and to come. As you learn to write you must, really must, learn to read.

  • The Mountain
  • Max Aub, a German fathered, Paris born, writer from Spain is one of the great forgottens of the years before and during the Spanish Civil War. This is one of his fine, small, fables.
  • Canción
  • Aub wrote, as he had to have, much about the war in Spain -- the precursor to WW II. This is a powerful short piece of a man as he lies dying.
  • Gateway
  • The father of modern letters in Venezuela, and claimed as founder of modern Latin American literature by Garcia Marquez, is Rómulo Gallegos. This is the opening chapter of his great jungle novel: Canaima.
  • Maria Dolores
  • The accident of death on a hot Spanish summer day and how the incident, like the life that was, seeps away and dries into the backgrounds of our own lives.
  • The Gun
  • The day in a life of a man. A race he begins, the end to which he cannot see.


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